Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Bein Habadim by Rav Eliezer Jacobovits

The Chiddushei Aryeh Leib from Rav Ayeh Leib Mallin quotes a Rashi from Perek Eizehu Makomon(5th perek of zevachm) that the haz'oh of bein habadim is the kohen gadol standing between the poles of the aron and sprinkling the blood towards the aron but not neccessarily reaching the aron. He asks why Rashi thought to tell us these things here where the mishna isn't discussing all the dinim of these sprinklings? Furthermore, he asks how does Rashi know that the kohen had to stand between the poles? He answers based on a Gri'z. The Brisker Rav asks( I don't have either sefer with me and I don't remember where) if a kohen has to stand in the area where an avodah is taking place, assuming that there is a designated place for that avodah? The gemarah in Zevachim learns some avodos have pesukim that require the kohen to be in the designated area. His question is do we learn from them to all other avodos or not.Reb Aryeh Leib is m'chadesh that the sprinkling of blood by the aron wasn't an avodah of matan dam, putting the blood in a specific place, but an act of sprinkling itself. The kohen had to sprinkle the blood and it would kosher wherever it went, assuming he was doing it in the right direction.He says therefore a kohen whom was missing part of his arm was still kosher to do this avodah. So, the kohen had to be in between the poles of the aron because that was the main part of that sprinkling as the mishnah in Eizehu Makomon says that the blood was sprinkled bein habadin, paroches, and the mizbeach hazahav. The latter two are where the blood went onto but the first never is mentioned as a destination. So, Rashi is teaching us that the kohen had to stand there and sprinkle the blood in the direction of the aron without having to touch the kappores because that's what the mishnah is teaching us.

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