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Yisro by Rabbi Naftali Ganzweig

וישמע יתרו כהן מדין
R’ Leibel Eiger says that the background of Yisro (and his résumé) as an introduction to the giving of the Torah is to teach us that anyone searching for the truth shall not be discouraged from trials, trivia’s and past experiences and one shall always hope for salvation. Yisro who was so far from the truth born and bred to idolatry merited to come close to Hashem, surely a Jew can hope for salvation, merit to come close, learn and teach others. Therefore one should not be disheartened but hope daily Today I will merit to come close to Hashem.

ביום הזה באו מדבר סיני
פרש"י שיהיו דברי תורה חדשים עליך
Thoughts of failed past learning experiences are irrelevant, while learning Torah they can only bring to discouragement and lead to weakness therefore one shall see the words of Torah as new as if he is beginning to learn Today. - Sar Shalom
כל אשר דבר ה' נעשה
Every thing that Hashem has spoken we shall do
Two men met on a flight. Upon schmoozing about their trip one said to the other, why is it that you are sitting in first class? a limo is awaiting your arrival to bring you to a comfortable apartment (on the house), while I am paying for my economy ticket out of my own pocket? The answer was simple; I am on a business trip my boss is providing me with my necessities that I may serve him with full devotion and capabilities I therefore must be comfortable and rested to be able to work at my full capacity, were as you are going for your own interests and you must cater to yourself.

The Bnei Yissochor asks why by birchas hamozon (grace after meals) do we say (when ten men are present) nivarech (let us bless) Elokeinu – Midas hadin (attributes of judgment) and not nivarech Hashem – Midas horachamim (attributes of mercy)? (since sustenance is an attribute of mercy) To which he answers that since Klal Yisroel are servants of Hashem it is obligatory that that a master give his servant food, therefore it is appropriate to say nivarech Elokeinu (judgment) since we are avdei Hashem
The afore mentioned story of our travelers is a parable. If our agenda is one of devotion to Hashem then we are on a business trip – all necessities are included (luxuries are extra) otherwise it’s out of pocket expenses

Mazal Tov to our counterpart Al Hatorah V’al H’avodah on the occasion of one year of harbotzas Hatorah – much hatzlochah B”H

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